Where is the VenkataLakshmi Review

Where is the VenkataLakshmi Review
  • Movie Name: Where is the VenkataLakshmi
  • Star Cast: Laxmi Raai, Praveen, Madhu Nandan, Pujita Ponnada, Ram Karthik
  • Director: Kishore Kumar
  • Music Director: Hari Gowra
  • Cinematographer: ‎Venkat Ramana
  • Producers: Sridhar Reddy
  • Release date: 15-03-2019

Where is the VenkataLakshmi Review: The gorgeous beauty Raai Laxmi is making her comeback to Tollywood with a Horror comedy entertainer Where is the VenkataLakshmi, The fim has hit the Theatres today, so let us see how it is.

Story: Chanti Gadu (Praveen) and Pandu Gadu (Madhunandan) both are happy go lucky guys and create a lot of Problems in their village Bellampalli. The villagers are fed up by the violation of Madhu and Praveen. One day, a teacher Gauri (Lakshmi Rai) comes to their village and both Chanti and Pandu try to woo her later when they are plan to propose her, they came to know Gauri is a ghost. And she demands them to bring a box from Veera Reddy (Pankaj Kesari) house.  How Chanti Gadu and Pandu Gadu mange this tricky situation? In this story what is the connection with Poojitha Ponnada and Ram Karthik?  To know these answers watch where is the Venkata Lakshmi on silver screen.

Performances: Actress Rai  Lakshmi looks impressive and super cute, she performed well in her role. Noted Comedians Madhunandan and Praveen both are delivered good performances in Chanti Gadu and Pandu Gadu roles. Poojitha Ponnada attracted with her beauty and expressions especially treat in songs. The movie has other talented actors like Annapurna, Rangastalam fame Mahesh, Brahmaji, and Pankaj Kesari performed accordingly to their roles.

Analysis: The movie composed by Hari Gowra and songs is nothing new and the Background score is okay. The movie has good production values. The cinematography of Venkataramana is decent. The movie  Director Kishore Kumar came up with Horror comedy, He tried to attract movie lovers with horror comedy entertainer, Laxmi Raai and Poojitha Ponnada glamour but the movie looks outdated, the movie Story is the old one and Predictable there is nothing special or naïve. He should have worked on the story and script before proceeding ahead with the film.

Plus Points:

  • Madhunandan and Praveen Comedy
  • Laxmi Raai and Poojita Ponnada Glamour

Minus Points:

  • Predictable Story
  • Music
  • Movie Feels Lengthy

Verdict: Overall Where Is The Venkatalakshmi is targeted for the section of B and C center audiences who love to watch adult, horror comedy movies. The movie first Half  Comedy Worked at Some Parts and interval twist looks okay but soon the director lost the movie plot and the proceedings become dull in Second half, the movie disappoints.

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