Idam Jagath Review

Idam Jagath Review
  • Movie Name: Idam Jagath
  • Starring: Sumanth, Anju Kurian
  • Director: Anil Srikantam
  • Music Director: Sricharan Pakala
  • Cinematographer: Bal Reddy
  • Producer: Gangapatnam Sridhar
  • Release Date: 28-12-2018
  • Movie Rating: 2.75/5.0

Idam Jagath starring Sumanth which is tipped to be a dark drama crime thriller the movie released today, Hero Sumanth’ Subramanyapuram has released in last month which is disappointed at box office and now he is trying his luck with a thriller, Sumanth Pinned hopes on this long awaited Idam Jagath. Let us see the Idam Jagath Review.

Story: Nishith (Sumanth) is jobless and suffers from sleep disorders, which are leads to become a Freelance Reporter. He captures the crimes, during the nights and sells them to TV Channels In the process one day he meets Mahathi (Anju Kurian) within no time he falls for her. As time goes by, he shot a murder scene and blackmails murderers for huge money in exchange of the footage. However, he lands in Problems due to mafia involved in it. What troubles does Nishith face? Where does that lead to is how Nishit tackles the situation forms the story of the film.

Performances: Hero Sumanth performed well in Nishith’s role, His character has dual shades and he has delivered a fantastic a performance, especially in the second half was pretty good and it is good to see him accept roles with negative shades. Anju Kurian looks cool and performed well in mahati role.Comedian Satya plays a sensible role his performed well. Vijay Devarakonda’s Arjun Reddy fame Kalyan is surprises in negative role. Shafi looks good in reporter role. Shivaji Raja, Aditi menon, Priya darshi Ram and others are performed accordingly in their given roles.

Technical Aspects: Idam Jagat movie music composed by Sricharan Pakala He elevated the scenes with his background music but the songs are not up to the mark. Idam Jagat looks well made with low budget. The movie cinematography by Balreddy is good. The movie debutant Director Srikanth picked an interesting concept and He narrates the crime scene quite well. He is become successful in keeping audiences interested for the most part but the logic goes for a toss in few places and the screenplay should have been better.

Plus Points:

  • Sumanth’s Performance 
  • Basic Plot
  • Few Interesting twists

Minus Points:

  • Love Track
  • Pre-Climax

Verdict: The movie basic plot Freelancer Reporter is quite interesting which is inspired by a Hollywood movie Night crawler Sumanth’s role with negative shades and contemporary media set up looks well. The movie First half created interesting premise around crime journalism, but the love track is not attractive it is spoiled the viewers mood.  The Interval twist raises the curiosity and the second half is driven racy but the logic goes for a toss in few places Except for that, the film is excellent in all the aspects. On a whole, Idam Jagath is a one-time watch.