Holi 2019 – Festival of Colours

Holi 2019 - Festival of Colours

Holi 2019 – Festival of Colours: Holi is one of the major festivals of India and it is celebrated on different dates every year. This year the great Indian festival falls on Thursday, 21st March. The colorful Hoil festival is celebrated with huge fanfare all over India on Falgun Purnima (Full Moon), the day of Holi is also referred to as Vasant Mahotsav or Kama Mahotsav in Puranas. On the day of the festival, the air of almost every area is dipped in various colors like gulaal. People apply it on each other and on the feet of the elders of the family. Pichkaris (water guns) of various shapes and sizes crowd in the markets.

The sight of everybody pouring color on each other and wholeheartedly participating in the mirth makes a perfect picture of happiness. The holy festival brings exceptional, remarkable Joyful Celebrations and happiness to enjoy with family and friends. The splash of colors wrapped up each other, treat of delicious dishes, trying out new clothes are some of the certainly attention-grabbing rituals of this Holi festival. Holi is a religious festival which is organized as well as celebrated by the Hindus all over India and now it becomes a celebration for all religion in some areas as an Indian festival.