Bhairava Geetha Review

Bhairava Geetha Review
  • Movie Name: Bhairava Geetha
  • Star Casts:  Dhananjay, Irra Mor, Raja Balwadi
  • Director:  SiddharthaThatholu
  • Producer: Bhasker Rassi and Abhishek Nama
  • Music Director: RaviShankar
  • Cinematographer: JagadeeshCheekati
  • Release Date: 14-12-2018

Bhairava Geetha Review: Sensationaldirector Ram Gopal Varma is presenting the film Bhairava Geetha. Debutantdirector Siddarth Thatholu is making his directional debut with the filmBhairava Geetha. The film got postponed multiple times and the film got arelease in Kannada last week and the movie is hitting the screens in TeluguToday. Let’s see the movie review.

Story: Bhairava (Dhanunjaya)lives in a small village in Rayalaseema, He works for Subba Reddy (Balarajwadi)a high-caste and influential person in his village. One day, when the rivalsattack Subba Reddy and his family, Bhairava saves Subba Reddy’s daughter Geetha(Irra Mor). She falls in love with him, Subba Reddy rejects the love and startshating Bhairava. How did Bhairava unite with Geetha?  What happensnext, form rest of the story of the film?

Performances: Kannada actor Dhananjaya is well-suited in Bhairava role. He looks rugged in action episodes andexpressive in emotional scenes. He delivered impressive performance. IrraMor did a good job in geetha role, she attract the youth audience with herglamour and looks. Most of the other actors in the movie are new to theaudiences like Vijay Ram, Balarajwadi, Bhaskar Manyam and others performedaccordingly.

Technical Aspects: The movie music composed by Ravi Shankar tunes is fresh and the background score is good. The cinematography of the film by Jagadeesh Cheekati is good. His visuals are nice.The movie editing is decent and the production values are good. Ram Gopal Varma is credited for writing the story and screenplay along with Ram Vamsi Krishna looks outdated. Debutant Director Siddhartha Thatholu takes routine story topresent it in realistic manner which we have seen in a lot of movies in thepast and nothing new to offer. The movie dialogues are good.

Plus Points:

  • Lead Casts Performance
  • Cinematography
  • Music

Minus Points:

  • Violent Sequences
  • Outdated story

Verdict: On whole BhairavaGeetha is a violent love story. After the good first half with romance, lot of kisses and fun, the interval bang is thrilling then the second half things get predictable. The film is very raw and rustic violent sequences. The movie is yet another romantic action entertainer of RGV’s trade mark.