2.0 Review

2.0 Review , 2PointO Movie Review

2PointO Movie Review

  • Movie Name: 2.0 (2pointO)
  • Star Cast: Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson
  • Director: S.Shankar
  • Music Director: A.R. Rahman
  • Cinematographer: Nirav Shah
  • Producer: A.Subaskaran
  • Release Date: 29-11-2018
  • Movie Review: 3.25/5.0

2.0 Review: Super Star Rajinikanth and ace director Shankar’s much awaited high budget sci-fi thriller 2.0 has hit the theaters across the world with the sky-high expectations, The film has been carrying the huge buzz among the audience and the Promos of the film has received the great response in social media Bollywood star Hero Akshay Kumar playing the villain in the film, will Rajini-Shankar combo be able to entice the audiences with this film let’s see how it is.

Story: The movie 2.O opens with the suicide of an old man who is a bird’s lover. Soon after all of sudden in Chennai City Cell Phones get disappearing because of a deadly bird called Pakshi Raja (Akshay Kumar). Meanwhile, A Mobile Showroom Owner, A telecom Company CEO and a Minister of telecom industry get killed by a mystery’s way the government has no clue what this is all about and They take help of ROBO scientist  and Professor Vaseekaran(Rajinikanth) to handle the situation. And he suggests bringing back the dismantled Chitti to the government, although everyone is opposing Vaseegaran’s idea, slowly they have no other option left, but to bring back Chitti. Rest of the story How Vaseekaran with the help of Chitti and Humanoid Robot Vennela (Amy Jackson) destroy that fifth force Pakshi Raja.

Performance: As usual superstar Rajinikanth is good as Vaseekaran and Chitti. He delivered electrifying performance especially in the second half as 2.0 and another surprise package Chinni 3.O His natural swag and his screen presence is sure to be a treat for his fans. Akshay Kumar steals the show as the old man and a social activist. He is impressive as the antagonist fighting for a good cause. Amy Jackson is looks well as humanoid Vennela. Adil Hussain is good in the role of a minister. Rest of other casts performed accordingly in their given roles.

Technical Aspects: The film 2.O completely belongs to technicians – The visual effects, and animatronics, the cameraman, and the production designer all  are given  the best output. 2.0 is technical wonder on par to Hollywood standards. Nirav Shah Cinematography is amazing, and Anthony editing is top notch. The movie music composed by A.R.Rahman is nice, though the movie does not have songs and the background score is marvelous. Production values of Lyca Productions are awesome. The movie director Shankar has once again proved his brilliance in narrating screenplay. The movie 2.O has blended with all elements, a social cause, visuals, and fan-pleasing moments. The directors amazing storytelling skills will make us stick to the chairs and worth watch film.

2.0 Review , 2PointO Movie Review
2.0 Review , 2PointO Movie Review

Plus Points:

  • Lead Cast Performance
  • Visual Effects
  • Climax Episode
  • Social Message

Minus Points:

  • Lack of Entertainment
  • Predictable Storyline



Verdict: The movie 2point0 is a visual wonder and the movie first half is gripping and impressive. The second half maintains the same pace, the flashback of Akshay Kumar is heart touching and Chitti Version 2.O is a treat to watch. On the flip side the overall the plot is too little story and Lack of Entertainment when compared with first part ROBO. Even though the director became succeed to cover them up with his mark engaging narration. The movie Pre-climax and Climax episode is a visual delight to all. Overall 2.0 is a Must Watch film.